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Luxury Baltimore Houseboat - Airbnb Showcase

Location: Baltimore, Maryland, United States

FLOHOM 1 | Bay Escape offers a luxurious retreat in Baltimore, Maryland, perched at the Inner Harbor Marina. This meticulously designed houseboat promises an unparalleled waterfront experience, complete with breathtaking 360-degree views of the picturesque surroundings. It's a haven for those seeking a rejuvenating escape, an adventurous weekend, or a serene staycation.

Upon stepping aboard FLOHOM 1, guests are greeted with a personalized welcome, setting the tone for a remarkable stay. The designer suite exudes elegance, with Williams-Sonoma decor and a full range of modern amenities. The primary bedroom is a sanctuary of comfort, featuring an award-winning Helix Midnight Lux mattress and premium Brooklinen sheets, promising a restful night's sleep and idyllic mornings.

The houseboat's prime positioning ensures you'll witness the most enchanting sunrises and sunsets. Early risers can savor their coffee on the outdoor deck while nature's spectacle unfolds. FLOHOM's days are filled with potential, offering curated experiences within the home and community adventures recommended through the FLOHOM guest app.

The houseboat is not just a retreat; it's a wellness destination. Nature, well-being, and excitement come together with wellness amenities, scenic outdoor decks, and indoor and outdoor spaces for remote work. Guests can engage in private yoga, meditation, or massage sessions, all conveniently delivered on the boat.

For those who need to stay productive, the houseboat provides functional workstations with high-speed WiFi. The well-equipped kitchen with modern appliances and spacious granite countertops encourages guests to prepare delicious meals while gazing out at sailboats leaving the marina. And, for a touch of sophistication, a wine cooler is at your disposal.

The bathroom boasts a large walk-in shower, and a washer/dryer combo allows for easy packing. However, the real magic unfolds at night, as guests ascend to the rooftop via spiral stairs. Beneath the starlit sky, they can savor a tea or nightcap, making it the perfect way to immerse themselves in the current of this unforgettable floating getaway.

Guests access the property using the FLOHOM guest app to unlock the smart keybox, providing a seamless and secure entry. It's essential to note that FLOHOM's gentle sway in response to the water's rhythms is part of the unique experience, adding to the charm and relaxation. Quiet hours are enforced from 10pm-7am, ensuring a peaceful environment for all. While pets are not allowed at the moment, the plan is to welcome them in the future. The houseboat caters primarily to adults, with children aged 10 and older allowed, ensuring a tranquil and adult-focused environment.

FLOHOM 1 | Bay Escape is more than just a place to stay; it's a journey into luxury and tranquility, where guests can create lasting memories against the backdrop of Baltimore's scenic waterfront.

~$527 a night for 4 guests ($132 per person)

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